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Old Guy New Songs – notes about the music.

















This collection was recorded in the winter/spring of 2022 in my spare room in Mount Pleasant, just across the Cooper River from Charleston, SC. Most of the songs are about dealing with life as a recently widowed older man. With one exception, these are not songs about death and dying; they are about life and living with intention.


All of the songs were recorded on a used Digital Audio Workstation, one track at a time then mixed together. They were mastered by my friend Eric Barnett, an excellent songwriter in his own right!


Here are the songs (unless otherwise noted I wrote them):


  • No Simple Twists (written with Steve Shelmire)

  • My Favorite Complication

  • Coulda Been a Hasbeen

  • My Original Song

  • Seeds You Sow (written by Pernell McDaniel)

  • What If It's the Last Time?

  • Life's Not Over

  • Let Me Be Your Rebound

  • Thinking About You, I Think

  • The Time Between

  • Get Up and Dance

  • Goodnight Song

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