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Carolina Life - notes about the music.


This is my latest project. Each of the songs, in one way or another, is really very personal at this time in my life. The title comes from an inscription my boy Dustin put into the patio we had poured in our backyard. The back cover photo is the very inscription from which the title came.

















Here are the tunes:


  • Carolina Coming Home – Instruments played: McPherson 3.5 (both parts), old Kay banjo, Fender Precision bass. Here's a live version.

  • Rolly’s Lick – inspired by a little riff I stole from guitar wizard Rolly Brown. Instruments – McPherson 3.5 and Ovation Classical.

  • Ricelia du Natal (Bossa Falso) – named for my Brazilian “daughter dear,” Ricelia. She lives in the town of Natal, in the Northeast of Brazil, and wants to go to Paris (hence the French). I have too much respect for the artform of Bossa Nova to call this by that name. Instruments – McPherson, Fender Bass, “percussion” played on a keyboard.

  • David’s Song (Inside) – a song for Suzanne’s late brother, David. A brilliant man lost too young, who battled all of his life against his bi-polar disorder.

  • Next Line to Rhyme – each verse is about something that was going on in my life at the time. The “major league affliction” in the second verse was a serious case of writer’s block keeping me from my graduate work, though not from writing the song… instruments – McPherson (all guitar parts), Fender Bass. Live version.

  • Waltz for Amy – my Aunt Amy was really significant in my life. She and her husband, my Uncle Bill, lived and ultimately died on the 25th floor of a Greenwich Village apartment. They never watched TV because they were entertained by looking out the windows at the New York skyline.  This tune was written in their honor, actually on their piano (which now resides in our sitting room is South Carolina), and originally recorded on the “Bluebird’s Wing” CD.” Here it’s done on fretted instruments – McPherson (guitar), Rogue (Mandolin) and Fender (Bass) Here’s a link to a live version played with my brother, Steve.

  • Stay Out of Our School – an “inside” look at the education reform “movement.” Each of the people named is a “player” in the dismantling of public education. Instruments – Martin D35-12s (1969 slope-shouldered, slot-head, Brazilian), Fender bass.

  • Carolina Life – Instruments – I played the McPherson 3.5, Fender Bass; John Best arranged and played : Banjo, Slide Guitar and various saxophones

  • I Am the Light of This World – written by the Rev. Gary Davis, suggested by my friend Donna, played on the mighty Martin 12.

  • Mindful Goodbyes – written by Harvey Andrews and the late Graham Cooper, in memory of a mutual friend, medleyed into “Wild Mountain Thyme.” Played on the McPherson in dropped D. Live version here.

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