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Bluebird’s Wing – notes on the music.



















This album was done to support research into the genetic aspects of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) that was being undertaken at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We raised over $20,000 for the fund, and this CD was part of the effort!


Here are the tunes:


  • New Jersey Sunset (Buddy Mondlock) – recorded live with my brother, Steve Kaufman, at his Acoustic Kamp in 2004.

  • Baseball in My Blood (Erik Balkey) – another live recording.

  • Pajamas (Maggie and Livingston Taylor)

  • Bluebird’s Wing (Trad., lyrics Mike Kaufman) the tune is St. Anne’s Reel, the lyrics a direct result of an existential conversation I had with a gym teacher. Here’s a link to a live version.

  • Can’t Depend on Maybes (Mike Kaufman) – actually the song of mine with the greatest chance of commercial success.

  • There Are No Words (Mike Kaufman) – for Suzanne

  • Lay it Down (Mike Kaufman)

  • Palpitations (Steve Shelmire)

  • That’s What Friends Do (John Flynn) – also recorded live

  • The Water is Wide (traditional) – the only recording I’m aware of to feature a folk euphonium, played by my good friend John Palatucci.

  • The Kid (Buddy Mondlock)

  • Surely Goodness and Mercy (J. Peterson & A. Smith), with flute solo by Kathleen Shelmire

  • Give Yourself to Love (Kate Wolf)

  • Waltz For Amy (Mike Kaufman) – composed on my late Uncle Bill’s piano, this piece was also recorded with fretted instruments on the “Carolina Life” CD.  

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